A Lucid Dream

I'm known for having a savant memory so I recall details very well , here is my dream.

I was outside on a ledge, looking around and I see a street below it looks like mist or smoke rising from the streets,  I felt as though I could fly to another building ledge far across from the one I was viewing and so I did, but when I did it was like a moon jump falling slow like a feather and when I landed on the other side I said to myself a few times "this is a dream i must be in a dream!"  at that point I felt i had a different personality some what defensive and that I could do anything i desire I was also wearing a fedora hat and had a long black trench coat my body seemed to emit shadows from my skin

then I flew around the dark city with lights from windows in the background, I went into this building where people were living its seemed old it was black and white and yellow windows that seemed covered in grime the whole city looked this was, I walked in and there were people waiting in a line, I wondered what this place was, so I moved further in I met a humanoid cat lady which looked like a human but had a cats tail and cat ears who was part of some form of mercenary group which looked as me and seemed to be sizing me up, I felt as though I was mocking them , as though I was so awesome no one could touch me and they disliked me for it , I then made my way into this doorway where I heard the noises of strange medical procedures performed on people as they yelled, I felt vulnerable here so I left this area.

After that ordeal I flew around more it seemed the city became more and more vague and distorted and abstract ,as though its was dissolving away like and becoming strange, I could see it and just kept trying to fly somewhere new but I couldn't it was like no matter where I went I ended up in the same area, then I finally ended up in a parking lot , kids and people were just talking in groups and looked at me a person who just flew out of the sky like it was nothing then I felt bored and woke up.
iminadream iminadream
26-30, M
Jul 19, 2010