Best Lucid Dream Ever!

It started as a high-speed car chase. Three or so cops were speeding behind me, edging closer and closer. My car hit a bump and spun out of control, until it smashed into something hard. This is the moment that I realized I was dreaming, something inside me shook awake. I jumped out of the car, and since it was my first lucid dream,  (last night) I really didn't know what I was capable of. Then realization flooded through my veins. I could do anything I wanted! Two pistols appeared in my hands, and I started rallying off shots.

Unlike a realistic pistol, each one of my shots was like a mini-rocket. The bullets demolished the cops as if they were tin cans. Seemingly out of nowhere, dozens more of the coppers arrived. I slid behind the car for cover, reloading my guns. I must have ran out of ammunition, I don't remember, but I threw the guns to the side.

I jumped out from behind cover and held my hands in the air like I was pushing an invisible crate. All of the bullets that sped toward me stopped in midair.

The inspiration of the idea came from the movie, Chronicle. It is a new-ish movie about a kid who gets telekinesis and then goes bonkers. It is a must-watch!

So, back to the dream, I collected all of their bullets in mid-air, and then pushed my hands forward. Their own weapon of mass destruction rained hell upon them, friendly fire at its finest. Then I proceeded forward and clapped my hands as I saw more cops. And the cops simply exploded. It was marvolous. Their insides were so vivid, so realisitic. So marvelous. My hands danced around as more cops became nothing but piles of goo. Then a bullet smashed into my back, and I fell. The pain was so realistic, it was crazy. I fell forward, onto my hands and knees.

One final bullet smashed into my head, and I awoke, literally drenched in sweat.

Maybe this isn't that great of a dream. Go ahead, share some of your best dreams.
LucidKnights LucidKnights
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2 Responses Mar 3, 2012

I started of in walmart and i was riding a bike, for some reason i looked back down and i was riding a motor cycle, i realized i was dreaming so i went full speed into the wall and see where it taked me. On the otherside there i was in a tree house that i never seen before with only one door in it, i opened the door and a bunch of my friends came out, i went into the door to see where they were coning from and i ended up in some street, i was tryna fly but i couldnt so i descided to walk thro a door and try to go to a raof to junp of, i walked into a really small drug store and it ended up being huge like a giant manshion i was walkin up millions of stairs but i forgot i was dreaming so i desided to walk up the wall like spider man, one i got to the roaf i jumped off and i was just falling it was sooooo high that i couldnt see the floor and i just keep falling and falling finially i hit the floor and woke up.

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