Our Lushiro.

Lushiro. What can I say about him? Hmmmmm.....
Lushiro is a warrior. He is strong. He fights for the truth. He stands beside you. His weapons are wielded with a skill and a passion that few real warriors possess. He will stand over you when you fall. He will not leave you to perish.
Lushiro is a comedien. He can make you smile. He can make you laugh. He can light up your life. He can distract you even if only for a moment in time.
His place on the stage is under the spotlight. The tables are full. Every eye is upon him. And we wait for his splendour.
Lushiro is a man. Passionate. Lovable. Fabulous. Growing. Learning. Living. Everyone he touches is left changed. What a remarkable man!
Lushiro is a friend. To anyone who needs him. He will swoop down upon you. Live on your whiteboard. Poke your status. Chat with you. Lift your spirits. Show you some love. Know that he always cares. Lushiro is there.
Lushiro is music to my ears. Lushiro is the sun's rays. Lushiro is a healing power. Lushiro is a strong yet tender hug.
Everyone loves you Lushiro. I do too. Thank you for being a spectacular human being. Thank you for being you.
(If you ever need me Lushiro, I am here for you as well. Love you too.)

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5 Responses Sep 18, 2012

What a beautiful and wonderful tribute! I can't argue with any of this even if I wanted to.

He is ALL that!

Love how you have written this!!

wow! that's great to have someone like him as a friend,you are blessed


I'm at a loss for words. Lol that is a good thing, it means I have been...bested. In a good way. :-)