Tribute To Lushiro

The rain fell upon the girl,
Tears upon her eyes,
The rain was like her sadness,
It flooded from the skies,
A young man who had seen so much,
He saw this girl cry,
Upon her he reached out,
He told her of his life,
The girl cried more,
Why did life bring good people pain?
The young man looked confused,
Why was this young girl sad,
He knew not her name or her face,
What is your story he asked her,
She told him things,
Things no one knew,
The young man frowned,
He was a messenger,
A young man sent by god himself,
He was to spread the word of joy of life,
The girl,
She had knowing no such thing,
No joy or happiness,
She cried harder,
The heavens spilled rain like the angels were crying themselves,
The young man took the girls hand and took her to warmth,
After many days of crying the girl stopped,
She could cry no more,
Each day the young man had observed her,
Why did this girl have a strange way of being,
The girl looked up for the first time,
The man studied her face,
He took in every detail,
Her skin was damaged with scars,
Her nose was out of shape,
Her eyes were not a normal shape,
They changed many colours,
The young girl studied the mans face,
He was different she could tell,
His eyes should pain and happiness,
His smile should trust,
What is your name the man asked the girl,
I am gentle and soft but cold and harsh,
I am snow the girl replied silently,
The man frowned,
He knew this name from somewhere,
What is yours the girl asked the young man,
I am a messenger of god,
A guide of good,
I take others pain and make them happy,
I am lushiro he replied,
The girl frowned,
She knew that name from somewhere,
She knew that name from a long time ago,
She remembered a boy she knew not by face or name but by his words,
He had helped her,
The young man thought harder,
He knew the girl from a place he had entered once,
He had met her not by name or face but by her words,
Confused the man went to the next room and thought for hours,
The girl not knowing what to do,
She wrote a poem,
She wrote of salvation,
She wrote of how a man had once saved her and showed her the good in life,
The man came back into the room and found the girl asleep,
He read this poem and knew her right away,
She was someone he had once saved,
When he had started his journey in helping the world,
She had been stubborn,
She did not accept this at first but soon thought it over and changed,
The man looked at the girl and smiled,
He remembered her well now,
She was the crimson blood that fell upon the snow,
Her blood showed her pain from within and her strength,
The snow showed her personality,
Deep in thought he fell into slumber,
He thought of all the people he had saved so far,
His words of inspiration had saved many,
The girl awoke to find the man asleep,
She got up and went outside,
She found a small clearing and sat,
She broke the silence with a song,
She had wrote it many years ago when she had changed,
It was about the freedom she had found thanks to this very young man,
The young man awoke to hearing a melodic tune spread to his ears,
He took in every word,
Behind the voice was pain,
Behind the words were understanding,
He walked to a small clearing and saw a girl sing,
He stayed silent and watched,
The girl looked to the sky as the sun shined through,
She had not seen the sun in many years,
She smiled to herself and spoke a simple sentence,
Thank you lushiro,
The young man jumped back surprised,
Why did she thank him?
The girl came up to him and for the first time in a long time,
She smiled,
You saved me more than you will ever know,
The man smiled back,
Why is your name snow he asked the girl,
Like the snow I am gentle and soft,
Like the snow I am harsh and deadly,
Like the snow I come then melt away,
Like the snow I will always return,
He smiled at this thought,
Strength from something so simple,
Why is your name lushiro the girl asked the man,
I am a messenger of god,
I spread the happiness of his heart,
I take people away from pain and give them light,
I am lushiro,
The girl smiled at this thought,
She let her wall around her heart fall,
She showed her true self and smiled,
She was snow the enlightened poet,
He was lushiro the messenger of god and giver of light.
thisaccountisgone thisaccountisgone
18-21, F
Jan 7, 2013