The Voice That Touched a Thousand Hearts

I was fortunate enough to discover Luther Vandross while he was still alive yet unfortunate in the sense that I discovered him toward the end of his life. But MY GOD, what a voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can take your Frank Sinatra, you can take your Barry White and Marvin Gaye for no-one comes close to the pipes that Luther possessed. His voice was one of polished ebony, listening to Dance with My Father you would swear that if Jesus were to break any of the rules about bringing back the dead that he would do it just on account of that voice. I could go on and on. I hear his music and I want to turn the lights down low, close my eyes and snuggle closer with a special someone. It seduces me every time and when I hear Power of Love I can't help but have my faith in love restored just by the power of that song. God Bless You Luther - perhaps the Great Spirit will see fit to send a successor or reincarnate you to bless us for another few decades of your wondrous vocals.

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1 Response Feb 24, 2009

I agree!