Luvs Are A Good Brand

I like to wear Luvs because they have great designs like a monkey in a diaper like pampers Luvs have a stretchier tab unlike Huggies whic with Huggies I have to use the other tabs from old diapers but not with size six and up Luvs and pampers
BabyNicky112 BabyNicky112
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3 Responses Dec 2, 2012

what is your waist size?? I wanna get tape ups too

how can you tell the size of diapers?

what about good-nighties? they are super obsorbant... they stretch, never tear or leak... and super comfortable... they r baby diapers but are for like9 an ten year wilds who wet the bed... if u r small for your age than they will fit.. I'm 18 an I have 1 on right now.... Juss wish sum1 would change me

I wear goodnites at night their awesome