Lycra Underpants

the same weekend that i spent at my friends place waking up on saterday and washing up and getting dressed i noiced that my friend was walking funny and i asked him why's he's walking funny and he said it was his underware and i thought so what underware is underware untill he showed me them it was made from 100% lycra and it was skin tight and he said that he had a pair for me to wear,but i told him whats wrong with my underwear he told me if he has to wear them i have to wear them so i put them on and they looked and felt amazing, he has to go pee but with his erection showing he can't go with it pointing up so i told him why don't you go comando and he said no he has to wear this because he didn't have anything else to wear untill monday so he had to wear them all weekend and he did and loved it 
fredricton fredricton
18-21, M
May 11, 2012