I Just Love wearing Skintight and See-through Lycra!

I love wearing lycra, the more skintight and see-through the better.  I love shorts, tights and unitards as long as they are super tight.  I don't wear underwear with lycra so every lump and bulge is clearly defined in its skintight sheath and up close the thin material left nothing to the imagination as everything is completely visible through the super stretched lycra!  It feels like I'm cycling or running in the nude and its very very sexy knowing my lycra must look utterly obscene!  Just sliding a pair of skintight tights up my legs and over buttocks starts to have a stiffening effect on my penis.

I love wearing shorts but of course I always bought shorts without cyclists padding, or if not I always cut it out.  I didn't want anything to spoil the clear view or defined shape of my penis. Most of all I love the feeling of tights and the way they tightly gripped all of my legs and arse and covered it all with shiny see-through lycra.  So over time I bought several pairs of fairly light-weight tights.  Lightweight means they were already pretty thin and see-through to start with and I always bought them a couple of sizes too small so they'd be stretched to the limit of their elasticity when I put them on.  I used to pull them up real tight until they were super skin-tight and painted on like a second skin.    I started with black tights and while they were dark, they were so thin and tight they soon became a little see-through.  When I bought  my  first pair of black tights I was disappointed you could only see my knees through the lycra when I crouched or sat down but I just stretched and washed my black tights to the point that all of my legs and arse started to show through. 

But I was really excited about wearing light coloured tights.  I wanted to dare myself to wear tights which were light coloured and see-through even before they were stretched.  Not only this but light colours show up any damp bits and certainly don't hide any shapes in shadows.  So I bought a yellow pair but they weren't tight enough.  Next I tried a silver pair which were pretty sexy.  But my sexiest were a purple and lilacy pink pair which I've written about in another story.   I used to make sure that I stretched my lycra real  tight over certain critical areas such as my penis and over my  arse, putting them tight right up my butt.  This way  the outline of my penis and balls were clearly evident as was my knob ridge and bum crack.  Stretching them tighter like this also made my tights more see-through as they were always see-through to start with.  I made sure there were no wrinkles or saggy bits and when I'd finished adjusting them so they were as tight as a drum.  I could no longer grip the material on my legs with my  thumb and finger they were so tight.  I held everything tight with a belt or weight-lifters belt round my waist.

I used to go out running, then started to cycle and later joined a gym.  Especially when running I'd wear tights and place my balls and already stiffening and expanding shaft - everything - stuffed right down my left leg.  I did this partly so that as I ran towards people there was just no missing my bulge or any chance of hiding it behind a long tee shirt!  But I also loved the effect as this position produced a huge bulge as both balls were forced forward and sideways one above the other jammed in and trying to burst free from between my left leg and my penis which itself was held absolutely straight down my inside leg.  In this position even in my black tights my shaft started to show through the lycra.  Although in that position it was impossible to grow fully erect, my straight penis was easily visible as it grew to a around 5 inches or more down the cramped space of my ultra tight left lycra inside leg and with the shape of my helmet  ridge standing out half-way down my inner thigh.    Further excitement and growth meant my penis just had to force its way further down my lycra leg, often pulling my foreskin way back in the process.


My bulge looked very much like this although my shaft was held much straighter down my leg and as I was very turned on my penis was even longer and more noticeable than this guys!

When it grew to 6 or 7 inches long down my leg, my penis hit a sort of magical length because running had the effect of squeezing and bending my stiff penis inside its tight sheath. In fact my tights always seemed to crease my knob the only place my tights could find a difference in thickness, shape and size.  In other words right under my skinned back and by now even more noticeable helmet ridge and right across my  most sensitive piece of uncovered skin.  This made my co*ck grow even thicker down my leg and simply made my helmet ridge really stand out heavily from my shaft. If ever my knob tried to slide free  from my inner leg I'd always stuff it right back and even make sure it was almost pointing backwards between my legs, a position which was sometimes a little painful but highly erotic.   When I placed my penis like this it felt like my knob was going to get pulled off while running but while all this bending and squeezing kept me hard it also stopped me cu-mm-ing.  With everything on show like this my co*ck wasn't ever going to shrink as I was just too turned on.  Every now and the I'd stop to check on my tights and pull my tights up a bit more, gathering up every millimetre of slack which might have developed and making sure that my shaft was trapped tight so it wouldn't be slipping out of that position again. Held like this it felt like my tights were wa-nk-ing my penis!

This was one of the best feelings I ever had while wearing tights, sensing the slow stimulation and knowing that as I ran towards strollers and other runners I was being wanked off, feeling my shaft as it grew as much as possible in such a cramped and downward pointing position, knowing that my bulge was even more obvious and impossible to hide from view as it grew and just knowing that my penis was visible through the stretched lycra like a tasty long sausage!    Despite this 'sheer' ecstacy it was more comfortable to have everything pointing left and slightly downwards across my leg. This position was my favourite as it made each lump and bulge clearly visible and it wasn't so rough on my poor stiffie.

At the gym I was a little less daring but  regularly wore black lycra shorts. I still dressed down my leg or to the left with a huge bulge clearly visible and I still pulled them up to skin-tight and held them tight wearing a belt.   In general they weren't quite as see-through as my tights were as I didn't want to be thrown out of the gym although the backs became more see-through with washing and wearing.

But it was just as exciting seeing all those girls dressed in tight lycra shorts, tights and thong panties over their shorts . I was lucky to see several girls wearing thong unitards, perfectly separating and really accentuating each buttock, their thong backs pulling so tight up their arses and over their snatches the tight lycra must have been turning them on as much as me!  A couple of times I was lucky enough to see a thong leotard worn with white lycra, once the shorts were so sheer she really had to wear the unitard but I wished she didn't!  And another time the thong back was over a pair of white lacey shorts which showed so much of her buttocks and thighs she might as well not worn them!

At the gym I also had several other colours of shorts such as blues and greens.  Occasionally I pushed the limits with a plain red pair which were quite see-through over my penis and arse at close range.  While they weren't as see through as the black shorts I will describe last, my red pair had one advantage in that there was no hiding my bulge in shadowy dark lycra.  The red was like a flashing neon light over my privates and drew every females eye to my bulging co-ck!  Inevitably as I got excited at the sight of girls in their lycra clocking my knob, a visible damp patch would start to show over my penis.   

The best shorts I wore regularly to a busy gym was a well worn pair of black Caratti bib-shorts which once I'd cut the padding out were almost painted on.  While I was stood around there wasn't much to see although you could tell they were tight (see the photo above) and slightly see-through from the tell-tale light sheen.  I always got excited in these bib-shorts knowing that in the bright lights of the gym, the minute I bent over or crouched with weights the backs of these shorts were almost as see-through as my purple tights. I just knew the second I bent over all of my backside and butt crack was completely visible.  I was once seen at the gym like this by a female ex co-worker who was clearly surprised to see me - lots more of me!

I've become even more daring now I'm wearing very see-through swimming jammers instead of cycling shorts in the gym and now I have a couple of pairs of skintight see-through skinsuits for my cycling.  Of course all these jammers and skinsuits are made of race thin material and are very tight but I always downsize them by a couple or three sizes to make the lycra thinner and more see-through.  They are so see-through they really do need the padding or lining to provide some modesty.  Obviously that's no good for me so I've removed the lining from my jammers and skinsuits so you can see everything front and back and nothing is left to the imagination! 

Now I must find a pro team style cycling skinsuit made with almost clear see-through ultra-thin lycra across almost the full skinsuit, so that hairs, nipples, tattoos and labels etc all clearly show through the most daring of colours a guy can possibly wear.  I want a velodrome style racing suit where the material is aerodynamically thin and almost meshlike for cooling.  One where the material is so light and bright coloured that there just aren't any dark shadows to hide the goods. 

A skinsuit with only a couple of tiny bits of lining or thicker material to provide any degree of modesty, one a small area at the rear which only hides the lowest part of my ar-se crack and which leaves all my buttocks to show through the remaining super-thin lycra and a second small area of lining at the front which can't hide my penis unless it is pointing down between my legs .   I can guarantee my excited and growing knob will be showing through the thinner material as it points to the side or upwards and doubt I'll even keep any second lining if I can possibly cut it out!   And I'll certainly make sure its stretched to the max with the material pulled even thinner by downsizing the suit 2 or 3 sizes.  By now I think you can guess the colour.  I want to go to the extreme in an unbelievably tight and almost invisible white skinsuit!  Just like this one!

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Mmmm, love it!

Mmmm, love it!

hey weaselhunter... can u add me? i'd like to compare notes.

I like the stretch purple lycra story wish i could add my own pic here I have very see thru pants and just about live in them and do alot of exercise around the city and parks beaches and get seen by hundreds its all healthy exhibitionism

Cool! I do the exact same thing except with slashpants. I used to have a couple of lycra shorts and wear them in public sometimes years ago. They were a super shiny blue with no liner that I bought in a kids size. They were tight to begin with, but were absolutely outrageously revealing when hiked up with a belt on. Unfortunately they weren't see through, but that didn't matter because the shape of everything bulging out left nothin to the imagination. They felt amazing too!