I Love Ride Up

I really like that when I am in my yoga class how my leotard rides up. I leave it, why pick it out if feels really good. My friend there, who is also a girl, wears a leotard now to yoga also. She is always picking hers out of her bottom. She is always telling me that my leotard is riding up and to pick it out of my bum. "doesn't that get kinda annoying after a while" she said. "It doesn't annoy me at all, I am kinda getting use to it honestly" I replied. I am going to try to find a thong leotard for yoga, then my friend can say."Your leotard is riding all the way up there now".

just10another30boy80 just10another30boy80
36-40, M
3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

Perhaps you can try getting off in them if they excite you a tad bit too much during yoga class ;)

I'd love to see you in a thong in a yoga class. Keep it up!

thanks, i only wear my leotard to yoga, a thong leo would be very nice to do yoga in. good idea 2 thumbs up.