Oh My Gawd.. Profile Alert!

I did not notice at first that my gender in my profile here on EP was a "T" means transsexual, until someone keep on mentioning that letter T which at first i did not mind of what his saying. LOL but thank you so much EX for clarifying and asking me directly if i am a Transsexual (im not against them and i have a big respect on them) But I'm a 100 percent female.

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You were such a pretty little girl and a beautiful woman now, no one could believe you were a T. I am a crossdresser and worship real girls like you, please add me so i can look at your pics and admire more of your femminine beauty

glad your a female now,,,,and a beautiful one I might add,,

What does any of this have to do with the subject this story is under, "I Love M&Ms?"

Sunshine , we won a evidence of you being female :)))

lol silly

I'm serious :)

really now?.. lol

yes Let me see the girls on your profile picture :)

Lol it's all me

Girls=**** ;)

*rolled eyes*

*rolled eyes* its on my part , when you show it ;)

sorry dear but I think your wrong..

Prove me I'm wrong , common girl :) be a sport , you can keep the high heels on :)

well u better prove it to me and post the picture here if that is me.

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Hope you have now sorted out your gender issues. I was amused by the whole thing.
Funny Funny Funny. Imagine you being a shemale..lol

yeah thank u for laughing hard. :)) I too had a big laughed everytime I remembered this and some guys that really thought Im a shemale.. *shaking my head* lol

you make me smile. ha ha ha. I was being tagged by a "BI" I was freaking out.

well i don't mind being tagged as a bi.. but not T coz i don't have that thing. LOL

ha ha ha ha. You are sooo funny
And i dont like things stuck in me. loooool

lmao phil :))

how are you going to stop me from laughing. OMG you are some person. I love it.
:) :) :)

lol I don't know.. ahuh and u even posted a question! I KICK U ARSE! LOL

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LMAO! ... "Todays post was brought to you by the letters "M" and "T" - *in-a-sesame street-narrator-voice* XD Nice piccys and seems you have always had a good taste in shoes ever since you were born =P

hahaha that was nice! thank u hums

WOW you are a beautiful ,attractive woman ,very feminine and homely ,becoming ,lovable ...whoever thought you were a trans.. must be blind or playing the fool.

aww thank u dear.. but it was on my profile before that my gender was a T, probably i clicked the wrong button when i was filling it up.

I dont know of that...but now I click all the wrong buttons as I am unaware/dazed of what I am doing .

Vimkha... some advice: Not all countries use the word "homely" in the same way you do. In the U.S., "homely" means the person is very unattractive - "plain or unattractive in appearance" according to the dictionary.

Thank GOD i am not in US....just get into MeriamWebster ,Oxford ,Wikipedia and find out what english language says .I dont care for slangs .so long as the person conveyed to understands ,how does it matter whether the words are tibetian ,mandarin ,African or arabic? Far as I am concerned , she is great for the self and not for an outside world.matches my heart.

I like plain girls~ as long as they have big ****~

Big or small xxxxx ,a woman must bring the vital sunshine into your life with her presence, a smile from her needs to pep you up and intimate moments with her highly memorable ...

"Homely" is not slang in the U.S.; it just carries a different meaning than where you live. The same as the word "bonnet." No one here means the cover on the engine of a car over here; that's the "hood" here.

In HK it is not that at all. at least in the Asian Pacific regions.where Philipines exist.Anyway thanks for upgrading me .
Hood has been popularized already since childhood by the story"Little Red riding Hood " so every little baby studying english is fully conversant.

I was not talking about a clothing hood.



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How big difference these letters make when portraying you as another mistakenly or un-mistakenly.
There is nothing wrong in cross dressing. That is my personal opinion. There will be women just as with men who would love to cross dress. I have in my teen days (not now though) with my sis helping me.

like I said I have nothing against them but I want to be known as my real gender not being as a transexual. coz some eb members are adding me and sending me unwanted emails bcoz of the msitaked gender.

I got you. It can be so funny and then you realise where it is all coming from. LMAO.

Indeed :) and it was

Glad you found that out, aren't ya ?


hahaha yes big time :)

It sure does make a big difference. May be just a letter.... but when put to the test the letter or the law will not agree, will it?

I had a situation where one person had assumed that I was trying be a BI and kept hitting me. I kept on ignoring it for sometime then had to say my piece. We try to be polite but, if you are not forthright things can be a bit strange.

hahaha positively will :)

well same thing coz he really tot IM a transG that is why he added me.. altho he is nice but i just dont understand everytime he mentioned the letter "T" and i havent figure it out bcoz im new and I was pretty excited on answering plus posting my questions.. but oh well, haha it was funny thinking it tho. :)

We all live and learn Sunshine. Imaging someone asking me strange questions that BI guys do. I was wondering what the hell I had done. it is soo funny now. But was strange

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Yeah thats what they all say! :p

Thats funny.

It was.. haha :)

Hi pretty .. cheer

Walang anuman.