The Old

I love the old Macdonalds
nothing is wrong with the new one except they have caved to the whims of the pc crowd
and the beginning of the demise of the once great macdonalds was when

they changed those awesome delicious crunchy french fries for the poor soggy substitute they pass off as fries

please bring back the wonderful fries of long ago and i will love you once more
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

You know that the crunchiness was salt don't you? Ewww, I would only eat that stuff if you paid me huge amounts of money or I was completely starving, now subway.....

ha ha, it's not called that over here, they are salad cobs :o)

lol! No!!!!! What is a subway car? I thought a subway was kind of like an underground tunnel that you go through to cross roads safely, how come there are cars there? Subway over here is a fast food restaurant, they make salad cobs and they are yummy :o)