Back in the days when I was at university I lived a fairly solitary life in a rented room, I was friendly with a few people one of whom was a German guy called Jon (not real name) who was on the same course as me. Jon lived across town and we would often go out for a drink but not having much money, most of our time was spent in each others flats. As the weather got colder and wetter I could not help but notice Jon had the most amazing mackintosh made completely of shiny black rubber, it was belted and had a hood which meant the wearer was completely encased in black rubber from head to foot. By that time I had become a dedicated mac wearer and was never without a plastic mac but there was something special about Jon's rubber mackintosh, it really turned me on just seeing it hanging in his room was enough to make we want to brush the rubber. It was long, black and shiny with a hood, I had not seen anything like it. To be quite frank I lusted after his raincoat. One cold, wet night I was round at his and was about to leave to walk to my flat in my plastic mac when Jon suggested I borrow his mackintosh, he was concerned that my grey packamac was inadequate for the weather. Without hesitation I took him up on his kind offer and hid my excitement as I fastened myself into the thick rubber. His mackintosh was a little big for me and went down to my ankles but when I fastened the belt it fitted ok.Within seconds of leaving Jon's flat I was totally hard and uncontrollable. I had never experienced anything like it, as I walked briskly home, the rubber warmed up and generated a heady aroma of rubber that stimulated the senses. By the time I got home I was bursting out of my jeans. I remember keeping the mackintosh on, pulling down my jeans and exploding. I wore his mackintosh all night, in fact I slept in it and it was with much reluctance that I returned it the next morning. I asked him where he got it and he explained that it came from Germany and was a gift from his parents.
I never found out if Jon was a raincoat lover, but I think he sort of suspected that I was. I think I borrowed his mackintosh on two other occasions and had similar experiences in it. One time I pleasured myself in it and to such an extent that I was sore for days. His mackintosh was made by a company called Klepper and when I investigate I found they were hideously expensive and well beyond the means of a poor student such as me. In later years when I became slightly more affluent I tried to purchase a Klepper for myself but the company and their mackintoshes had long gone. From time to time I do see one on EBay and one day I will own one. Until then I have fantasies about what I would do in a Klepper.
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I know exactly what you mean about the aroma from the old Klepper mackintoshes, it is particularly strong when the rubber is warm and wet, as when walking in the rain.