I have no more ideas whom to ask about my problems. I spoke to endocrine specialists in our country, but they know less as me. I suffer from a
recurrent macromastia ( first I got it  at age of 16 and it lasted about 5 years). After that I had a normal figure for about ten years, (of course, I had to wear a bra, otherwise my chest would reach to my belly) then the disease occurred again and lasted for two years. Afterwards I had a normal figure (almost like a model) for more as 30 years. About two years ago the disease returned. I was told that it all depends on female sexual hormones, but I was never pregnant, I had no diseases and no problems with uterus or ovaries. Why me?
And the second question? Is macromastia hereditary? I found photos of my mother on age of 16 with enormous breast (cup H)and photos, when she was 19 and pregnant with me, where she has normal breast (cup C).
Who knows more about this disease? Can it be treated?
Thank you for your answers and advices.
With best regards!
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genes are mostly to be blamed for things like this..sometimes it skips a generation

Hi Marjare & Visualone,I can symphasise with any woman with this condition as my youngest daughter has just been diagonised with junevile macromastia & I blame myself. I have three daughters the first two are unaffected but the third started going out with a boy when she was 13 so I got the family doctor to put her on the pill. Unfortunately it seems in rare cases where the mother has increased in 1-2 cup sizes after having children and I increased in 2 cup sizes after each daughter (now a HH cup) then there is a chance of a daughter reacting badly to one of the homones in the pill. Unfortunately the doctor prescribed the wrong type of pill. We are just praying that the growth stops as she (and me) are not coping too well.

Sioban, how are you and your daughter doing now?

What pill was it? I dont think there was much you could do dont feel bad, seems like genetic chance.

It was Yaz, a combination pill, she was switched to progesterone only

Majare have u tried Googling it and checking on the history of it?

It could be so. But almost all of the women on my mothers side had small breasts. I am astonished, because my mother had a huge breast at the age of 16, later at the age of 19 (while pregnant with me) she had normal, almost too small breast. My breast growed three times but it also reduced two times (at last , at age of 62 I had cup B, a year later D (I stopped smoking and put on weight -proportional), but about 18 month later my breat grow to cup F or even G). In the meantime I lost 20 lbs (10 kg - I am 162 cm tall) but my breast is the same.