Macromastia Is Very Sexy For Me

 I find an "overdeveloped " bust very attractive in a woman,the more so if  her figure is otherwise "normal" .I find that it is  the disproportionate size of her breasts that is so exciting.The thing is that I seem to be what the world would call "otherwise normal". I'm shy about saying how much I enjoy a very full and pendulous bust,so I usually just keep quiet about it ,though I am quite confident generally about speaking in front of an audience,having been a lecturer. I realised when I was about 14 that  I found macromastia a huge turnon.for me.But of course there are very few women who have this condition,so it is very difficult to  find suitable women.Too often I met otherwise wonderful women with "normal" figures which did nothing for me sexually,indeed I married such a woman,who was deeply puzzled that our sex life was indifferent and never really understood during our 20 year marriage why that was.I felt very guilty having such unusual taste but of course it was fruitless denying my sexuality. We soldiered on for 20 years and had two lovely kids and finally divorced in 1995.I now have a good relationship with her  but would love tomeet a woman with macromastia who seeks friendship and perhaps more.I am 71,live in my own house in Brighton and have a full life but lack this essential ingredient.I have been a lecturer in sociology ,an interpreter,a chauffeur in Geneva,etc.I have livd in UK USA France,Switzwerland,Hawaii Scotland etc Is there a woman out there who  would like to know me better?
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70+, M
1 Response Aug 25, 2010

i couldn't agree more. i love very large breasted women.