I will find my dream girl who has large natural breasts with or without macromastia. I hate feeling guilty that it really is something i am attracted too... I am young, tall, good-looking, well built(everywhere) , and on my way to being wealthy. I really hope to find her, if she doesn't come to me.

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yep i want this too :(

Don't feel guilty about loving large breasts, most people do but don't admit it. A lot of women love large breasts too. How many times do we hear in the media of women having enlargement operations because they feel inadequate? It is NATURAL to love big boobs. Hold your head high my friend, and walk into those places where you re most likely to find large breasted women (that is what I used to do) and I'm sure that you will find nice plumpcious big breasted women to chat to. They flaunt their boobs because they love them and want people to appreciate them. So go and appreciate them and don't be afraid to tell any woman how attractive you find her breasts, she will probably love you for that.

Thanks for the vote of confidence! I strongly agree with joining her, and not collecting her. I am looking for love. It was just hard to admit to myself that one of the qualities I am looking for is large breasts.

Have a dream and it will gravate to you. Just get ready. Know yourself and be ready to join with her - not collect her. <br />
Be ready for she may not find herself attractive and have had bad experiances. While that does not matter much to us guys. We are picker their lives up from when we meet them. Its like they have a clean slate to work with. They will still have memories and doubts. <br />
I whish you luck.