Don't Get Burned Again!

Ahh spring - the smell of tanning oil, sun screen and risk of getting burned. Time again when big boobs need more care.

The more projection - the more need for protection - the more burn . Have some sun screen ready to protect your top assets from collar bone on down to the to bra line.

I've seen "leopard skin" boobs. The ones that got burned several times only to end up with dark spots or age spots in their late 30's & 40's. Kind of a neat effect but not healthy. Not reversable.

Be kind to the ta-tas. Not just for us guys, but yourself as well : take care of those beauties. Darker tan lines that do nof fade. Little pock marks from skin cancer removal have made others self-conscious.

Staying indoors all the time is no answer. Sun on the skin makes vitiamin D and can help offset jaundice.

Hmm now if only there was a perfuned sun screen. Protection and attraction in one

Have fun - its getting warmer !!! Well except for my friends down under where the UV warnings are dropping !!!
guidence508 guidence508
41-45, M
Apr 2, 2011