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I have struggled with this for many years,; now in my late 20s. Only in the past year have I been free from the freakishness of it ironically because I was hurt in an accident and became a paraplegic. The wheelchair seems to cancel the rest of my body-- men have stopped trying to pick me up and most everyone looks briefly at me and then away-- instead of staring.

I’ve been active in some of the other peer group sites and met a few interesting people, though HF and the other board are now, it seems, gone.

I would be glad to share my experiences with others who really have, or care about, this condition; I mean, are slim and thin but with excessive chest
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I'm sorry about your accident, as well as your uncomfortable situation with macromastia. If it's any consolation, I find it interesting to finally admit for the first time a sexual fantasy to someone worth sharing with.
So, without boring you with details, I will simply say that I've fantasized about making love to a woman like you've described yourself as. The thought of intimacy with a woman that I can gently handle yet totally dominate excites me for awhile, now.
It started one night when I was doing stand-up comedy and there was a woman in a wheelchair with HUGE boobs & I made a joke about her that some of the audience pretended to be offended by, but I told them
"It's alright, she's got big *******"
That won her and everyone else over.

I would love to talk to you. You seem to have a kind soul that has been brought down by your situation.

Notwithstanding my fascination with large breasts I must say that your post stopped me in my tracks. The coincidence of you ending up in a wheelchair similar to your partner is incredible. The events that put you there are tragic. I cannot imagine the physical and mental trauma that would accompany such a thing. I am moved enough to wish I could help.
Your post has made me think more carefully about people that find themselves in this situation and realize that it could happen to me or any of my family.
I have always had problems being comfortable around people in wheelchairs and I don’t know where that discomfort comes from. I have helped wheelchair bound people before to get through access situations but nothing more than that and have never had a friend in that position.
I’m sure you went through immense physical and emotional stress not apparent in your post. You partner was unsupportive and I find that extremely sad. My eyes started to water when I read your account. I came to this site to find comfort and understanding regarding my fetish and have come away with pathos.

would like to chat with you sometime. I was in a wheelchair for a while so I know a little about that, and a really good friend of mine has a spinal cord injury, so I know a little about that. What I don't know about is macromastia,would like to know curious and interrested.