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I'm Only 13 And Have Macromastia

Hi, my name is Hannah. I have had macromastia all my life. My boobs are size 44M!
Naturally, for a teen girl, that is a good thing, but my back hurts and my boobs sag low, and i don't like that. Any advice is nice. Thanks!
ihavebigboobs ihavebigboobs 13-15 17 Responses Apr 4, 2012

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Hi hannah i am so sorry about you these boobs are very big for a 13 year old girl. I cant imagine these boobs on a small girl can you send me a picture about you.

can you send us a photo ?

hey sweetie. i would love to talk to you about this in more detail but because of your age i cant add you or see your profile. can you add me to your circle then we can talk?

I have macromastia too... feel free to add me if you need a friend!

I've been looking into macromastia for a very long time now and managed to talk to a few women and girls who claim to have it. I would like to ask you a few question sometime if that were okay with you. Just send me a message if that's okay. ^-^

Definitely get measured professionally

Hang in there sweetie :)

hey hun can u add me plz? i would love to hear more bout this. i love huge boobs my self for im bi ;) :)

We should talk

I know how you feel sweetie. It can be hard, but it will be easier with time. I'm a 38Q, and I have macromastia too. We could talk sometime if you want sweetie ^-^ You'd have to add me.

That was quite a while ago XD

it can be hard for you but after prove you suffer you can decide a reduction I think that is possible...

You should probably friend kata83, she's in this group. Not only has she been where you are, she's also remarkably insightful, realistic and i think she's genuine. Beware of the fake profiles on these groups and ignore the sexist remarks. Take care.

The larger you are, the more important to get very professional advice and help in measuring and fitting bra's. A well fitting bra makes you feel comfortable, with no pain, less conspicuous and makes for healthier skin and other breast tissues. You do need to keep your back straight of course, never hunch!!!! This additional to the exercise advice someone in this thread gave you. Combining these rules of life will almost surely keep you out of real trouble. Now you only need to accept you have to carry this fate with pride and joy. You are you, that's a blessing, don't let nobody tell you different!

hey hun i would love to help u and talk to u bout what u have been through, message me anytime ok?

just doing some math here,,,, If you are that size at 13, you are very very large for a girl your age.... By using the standard method of bra fitting,where you measure under the breasts, add 5 inches giving the band size, then around fullest and subtract,from band size thus giving cup size. You would be aprox, 39 inches around, under your breasts and 59 inches around the fullest of your breasts,,, incredible..... Perhaps at your age you are uncertian of the proper fitting,, therefore maybe you ment you have a 44inch chest and need an Mcup size, so that would mean you are (44 - 5- cup13= 26) 26 inches under the bust and 44 inches around fullest, Quite a differnce in body size. What do think???

Was thinking that myself 44 inch band size and you're 13? that must be wrong,it might explain your back pain if you are wearing the wrong size bra? JK

You can exercise daily, eat right, and build your shoulder and back muscles a bit. Then your breasts won't hurt you so much. Trust me, I'm About a Double-O Cup now... if there's such thing .-. if not, then I'm going right for P x3

Hannah,<br />
<br />
Sounds like we're in the same boat. I tried to friend you but it wont let me. hope we can talk soon!