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I am a lesbian with an extreeeeme breast fetish I love al things involving oversized breasts. Being that I am a size freak macromastia and gigantomastia excite me. I believe it is very sad to see a 13yo with NN cup breasts but on a woman 18 and older it drives me wild to see some massive **** on a slender body. In a female restroom I had the pleasure of seeing a woman with this disease walk in she was 5'6 and slender but her breasts were ENORMOUS she looked to be mexican her left was slightly larger and she was BRA-LESS it was the ultimate temptation not to rape her probably 38N cup **** right there. I had to go ********** in the stall next to her after seeing a sight so beatuiful!
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I too have an extreme fetish for super large breasts. I lust huge breasts so much that when I cross dress I dress extremely busty.<br />
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Wonderful article, thank you for sharing.

I wish you could suck mine x3 mine are nearly at a P-Cup if there's such thing .-. I just call it that since it's bigger than NN but smaller than Q x3

WOW, I didn't know women can be as appreciative to breasts as me. AS you described the appearance of that mexican woman I am sure that I would have had to ********** me too right there in the toilet.

there is nothing bad with your pretty strong addiction to breasts. I have a very strong breast addiction too. I LOVE all breasts but I worship big or evem huge breasts and how they move. Your description excited me to the point I had to go to ********** myself,

I couldn't have said it better.

We might suck a pair of breasts together as there are always 2 nips to get sucked. And I guess the woman that gets both nips sucked at the same time wouldn't mind that neither.