My Name Is Nell, Im 13 And Am A O Cup

Im nell. i am 13 and i have macromastia. My boobs have gotton so big its not even funny anymore. the sag to my knees, please help me
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Oh my. That big at that age. It must be tough at times having them that big. if you need anyone to talk to, you can chat with me. Just add me or ask for my KIK.

i would love to talk to you nelly. in order to do so you need to add me to your circle and then we can talk ok?

Try a belt like back brace. Putting that around her waist should make you nimble enough to walk again no matter how big you are.

There are others like myself that know what you're going through so don't hesitate to talk about it anytime you need to!

There are people out there that care what happens to you. You are not alone. Just find friends that will help you and support you in all you do. Just be the best person you can be. That is all that matters. Other people can be so mean. Don't let that get to you. You are an amazing youth woman.

Stick with it, be positive, learn to love your big ****.

hi nelly. i hav vry xtreem gigantomastia 2. feel free 2 msg me. im jelus that u can actuly stil fit in2 bras

Don't feel alone you aren't the only one that has gone or is going thru that! There are others like myself you can talk to.

I'm 15 and I was actually a P cup at 13, So please, feel free to message me if theres anything I can help you with!

I've been looking into macromastia for a very long time now and managed to talk to a few women and girls who claim to have it. I would like to ask you a few question sometime if that were okay with you. Just send me a message if that's okay. ^-^

nell whats your email or facebook if u have babe?

"...there is a help group that's up and running by a member on EP at present, but I can't remember her details..." -

Will attempt 2 find her. It has 13,000+ members, if memory serves me.


Hi. O size cup is not funny. Please do talk with other women.

I guess they have taken you out of school. There are two other women here who had the same problem and had to be homed schooled. It was not bad but it sucked and was unfair- if that makes any sense.

That is they made it through all the fear and doctor's who spent more time looking up Macromastia then helping them.

Yes dating is almost impossible but I would not say impossible. Just like your breasts are unbelievable, so there are nice guys who would see you as you and be good for you. Just as unbelievable.

I hope you have a chair with a shelf to rest the breasts on. One person's was so big they cut off the ciculation in her legs.

Also - time in a pool. A very private pool. can help you feel normal. To stand without feeling their weight.

Best wishes.


hey hun can u add me plz? i would love to hear more bout this. i love huge boobs my self for im bi ;) :)

We should talk

hey hun i would love to help u and talk to u bout what u have been through, message me anytime ok?

Add please

Show and I'll defiantly help

I would suggest a good doctor, especially one that does not try to peddle his own procedures and/or merchandise/drugs, also speak to a good bra maker/fitter. Getting information from multiple sources to enable you to make a sound decision on where you can go from there. <br />
<br />
Most of all, do not let anyone push/force/pressure you into making a decision that does not feel right! JK

I second the advice about speaking to a therapist as well as doctors. You have a lot to deal with emotionally. Also, if your family's insurance allows for physical therapy, that can be helpful too.<br />
<br />
Be very careful when seeking out help over the Internet. Vigorously guard your anonymity and privacy at all costs. Don't ever give away any information to anyone that could potentially lead to you being identified or located, even in an incredibly roundabout way. Even just your email address is way too much info to give out.<br />
<br />
Be strong, and best of luck.

Seeking a psychologist is good advice. I was overendowed mentally with a high IQ, hating myself for it. Hating not who I am, that can be changed. Hating what I am, that which was dropped upon me that I can not change nor hide from others.
Therapist not only answered questions about where I stood relative to othwrs but cofirmeb my normalcy. That I can care more about others then they about me. Coping skills work.
Being a thirteen year old girl is hard enough without something that is not your fault nor doing: gigantomastia


You mean your 13 and have an O cup? Whats that like? I'd like to read more about<br />
you but I cant get your profile because of restrictions can you change it or fix it or something? Do you have any pictures? If so send to<br />
its my wifes e-mail maybe you can talk to her she might be able to help support if you need it. Her name is Asha Turkishdiva.

Be safe, know your stronger then you imagine, speak to a therapist and find good Drs. I wish you the best. Abby

Welcome to the group. <br />
(sigh) I hope you are still going to school or the school sends a private teacher. <br />
The internet can be a good safe way to connect. <br />
It is not fair, it is not easy, it does get easier even though it seems no words can sooth them, no prayer remove them no matter how much you employ. <br />
Finding a doctor is hard and they will want to wait till grow stabalizes before surgury. <br />
Hope you write back. The more you say, the more others can help. <br />

hey how are you doing?

Oh my dear! I can't even imagine, eventhough i am currently a KK. At your (13) I was only a D, but then they grew. But at 13 you are an O, what do they say you will end up? <br />
Be strong girl.