Unbelievable Story...

I would give anything to get my hands on huge ****. I saw a woman in a store one time with **** like basketballs and I just had to follow her around for awhile. She knew I was looking at her huge **** but I could not help it. When she got to the check out I got right behind her so I could get a closer look. By this time I had a hard-on that was showing. She looked down at it and smiled and winked at me. I turned as red as a ripe tomato. When she walked out I was right behind her watching those hangers swing back and forth. She was wearing a big t-shirt with no bra and outside in the sun I could see her huge nipples through her shirt. She stopped and turned around and asked me if I would like to see "them". I amost exploded in my pants and said; "God yes". She told me to follow her car. She drove to a vacant shopping center behind the building. When I pulled up behind her she got out of her car and said; "my name is Rhonda". I told her my name and said that I am not a weirdo or a crackhead, but I am fascinated by women with huge boobs like hers. I offered her 100$ and told her all I want to do is to play with and suck them for 5 minutes. She said that was fine and took her shirt off. I was so nervous I was shaking. These were the biggest **** I had ever seen. She had nipples the size of my thumbs. I could only handle one *** at a time, it took both hands. I played with her watermellon sized **** and sucked them as hard as I could while she moaned with pleasure, then she said "let me help you with that hard-on". She unzipped my pants and grabbed my **** with both hands and said; "baby you've got a big one". She started sucking my ***** and told me not to come in her mouth. I told her I was ready and she finished me off with her hands. God damn I squirted like a fire hose. When we were through I thanked her for letting me enjoy her boobs !!!!!!
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1 Response Sep 21, 2012

Wow, every big *** lovers dream - I would have asked her for a 'Booty' relationship - join up with her when u want 2 **** big ****. If not interested, try and get her details for me