I Have A Very Thick C*ck

To put it in plain English, my c*ck is very wide. It measures the same across as my OWN wrist - it is 6 inches in circumference. It also bends down when erect (but not in an extreme way). It is just above average length, being 6 1/2 inches. Due to these facts, I cannot get a condom on and I lose my eerection if I try to force the condom on. I used to think it was bending under it's own weight but I am not so sure- having seen others which are larger , but not bent, on adult video (I hope no priests are reading this). I wonder if any women have met men with this same problem. It can sometimes lead me into depression even though I am normally a happy and very funny person. I can therefore sympathise with macromastia / gigantomastia sufferers although it must be a lot more difficult for you at least mine SHRINKS sometimes-(especially in the cold)
36-40, M
Jan 15, 2013