He Saran-wrap Lady

So I go out one day see this heavy-set woman with an even heavier set of breast walking with her daughter.  I saw her go into a store and parked my car to follow her in and giver my phone-number.  As I’m about to enter the store I see the woman leave the store and give her my number, I was wondering where her daughter was.  Then the real woman left the store with her daughter.  Gave her my number.  When I went to pick-up the woman for a date, I saw her approach my car with her daughter, and opened the door.  This wasn’t the woman either but I gave her my number.  I slept with all three of those women brought all of them to multiple *******..  They were fat obese.  So when I saw “BLACK SARAN-WRAP” a slender curvaceous woman with ungodly large breasts I zeroed in.  When I approached her she yelled at me and threatened to have me killed, but when she saw I was riding in an open-back jeep (she could jump out if things got scary) she hooped my vehicle and demanded a ride.  3 hours of driving around running errands trying to find the guy she originally threatened to have killed me.  So we get to my place and we get to the business.  She immediately shouts she doesn’t like anyone touching her breasts, she hates that.  We get naked and her boobs and stomach are covered with skin that looks like black saran-wrap crinkly and shiny.  She said it was from kids but all them fat girls I banged had kids but didn’t have that uuhhhll!!  She didn’t have to worry about me trying to suck on those things.  I noticed she hated missionary uncomfortable and her bobs got in the way.  She loved the empowerment of cow-girl style, but she only wanted to ****** doggy-style. 

Well she’d go out for smokes and wouldn’t come back for hours.  The she’d leave the minute I got home and arrive back when I was leaving for work the next day.  I didn’t want to let her in but you know she got access by giving me access.  Now mamma always said if your gone all-nite don’t come home hungry! And this chick was eating me out of house and home.  I make meals and take them to work she polished off a weeks worth in a day. 


She had to go and I felt the best was is to sex her out of the place.  We did it, she said “MMMM-MMMM MMM I’m having so much fun, we’re going to screw again before I leave.”  Damn Skippy we are, the minute I busted a nut, I had hr tea-bag me until I was aroused again and went back at it harder and faster than before.  I did this 6 more times until she screamed no, I’m not going to let you use my like an animal!  I wanted her to quietly leave not be escorted out by the police.  I was like hush hush-hush.  Shh we’re all friends here happy happy joy joy shhh.  I went out and got some wine for her and 2 lean pockets. 48hours after they were gone and there was no more food in the house she left.  So basically I starved her out.  Maybe not as fun as sexing her out but a lot quieter.

36-40, M
1 Response Mar 19, 2010

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