I Was Young And She Was...Wow!

I will tell you the ending first, because it was ineviitable considering she was ten years older than I was... she left and I was devestated!

I was 23 and I met her in her private office where she made dry flower arrangements for her flower shops.  I was shy and she was shy and it took a long time for us to get to know each other, but everytime I would see her, my heart would pound and my head would swim!   Picture a very slim woman of average height with blue eyes and a tumble of honey blonde hair.   Now picture that woman with an incredible bustline like two watermelon shaped basketballs that totally eclipsed her small waist!

We had a lot in common.  We both liked art movies, and eating in fine restaurants and quiet bars with dark corners.  We became good friends and then lovers.  It was difficult at first because she had been in abusive relationships... and she thought she was ugly!  She had this LOVE/HATE relationship with her beautiful breasts.  Eventhough she loved her shape, it had brought her a lot of grief by attracting the wrong sort of guy for such a gentle soul.  I really don't know what her bra size was.   She wore TWO custom-made bras to keep her abundant treasures from jiggling.  (And that is A LOT of snaps to unhook, believe me!)  But she did let me measure her on occasion because she saw that it delighted me, and therefore delighted her, too.

We became inseparable.   She often commented on how I was a gentle but passionate lover.   I was in HEAVEN, but she obviously was confused with our age difference and was in LIMBO.   One day I went to visit her at one of her flower shops.  (She was quite wealthy, but I didn't care about that.)  Her assistant said she had moved to California to manage one of her shops there and gave me some Callo Lillies that had a note in an envelope.   It was very short and simple.   It said,

"I love you, but I am too old for you.  Love Forever.... Katherine"

The assitant would not give me her new address.  I went to her big plantation-type house.   It was locked.  No cars were in the garage.  I never saw her again.

And she had ruined me, too, because, all my life I have been looking for someone like her, and what are the chances of that?


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2 Responses Apr 18, 2010

As a committed breast man, I salute you. I have also loved older and very well endowed women and they have left an indelible mark on my heart. I am sure that you have done the same for her.

this is a very sweet story well told, and one that i'm sure most breast men can relate to especially. thanks for sharing!