Is Mad Men The New Sex And The City?

Every so often a television series comes along that is not only addictive viewing but which also sets a fashion trend. The US series Mad Men is such a show. The sleek suits of its advertising executive Don Draper, and rear enhancing frocks of Joan Holloway have a cult following all of their own.

With its impeccable sense of style and painstaking attention to period detail (not to mention the stellar writing and acting that helped it to garner 17 Emmy nominations!), Mad Men has truly taken the fashion world by storm. Michael Kors has designed his entire fall/winter collection around the silhouettes, and retro-styled garments abound in all the high street stores.

Vanity Fair said that it "Is the most stylish-and perhaps best-show on television," and not without reason, the styling, acting and tone of this acclaimed series is absolutely spot-on.
The show's early 1960s costumes are enough to make even the most forward-thinking men and women swoon - and no one wears them better than actress Christina Hendricks. The instant she swished on to TV's Mad Men, as flame-haired office manager Joan Holloway, she gained a legion of fans.

It wasn't just her ample cleavage that drew the eye - after all; even stick-thin Victoria Beckham has one of those these days. It was that tiny waist above classically feminine hips that gave her an old-fashioned va-va-voom. Looking like a Marilyn Monroe body double she suddenly made it desirable to have curves again and no one looks as good as Joan in a fitted pencil skirt with heels.

It would be fair to say that we are all lusting after her incredible on-screen wardrobe, which takes its inspiration from the early sixties. The shapes are straight from the glamorous Screen Siren era, when skirts were full and sweaters were tight and sexy. And the colours are pure candy store - baby blue, pale pink and yellow, with stripes and polka dots thrown in.

So how can you get that look without breaking the bank?

Devoted 2 Vintage have a huge range of authentic original 1960s vintage clothing for both women and men and specialist shops such as Beyond Retro are fantastic options if you want the Mad Men look - without the smell of mothballs. Many high street stores such as Monsoon, Marks & Spencer, Debenhams and Wallis are stocking cocktail dresses, pencil skirts and vintage style blouses - so they are well worth a visit.

"You don't want to look like you just came out of a vintage shop." says Mad Men's costume designer Janie Bryant. "I think the jewellery from the period is so gorgeous. If you're doing pearls, wear multi-strings of pearls but mix it with something modern, like a pair of skinny jeans. I do think it's about mixing it up and creating your own style. If you wear a sheath, wear a pair of modern shoes - a pair of modern pumps or sandals at that. You don't have to have a matching bag like they did in the days of Mad Men."

To finish the look just add seamed stockings and a smile.

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Excellent writting. Want to see more from you. Say it like it is and thank you for being you.

No, it blows Sex and the City to pieces.