Our Housecat And Half Maine Coon Busy 'little' Youngster

Hello other cat people

My story starts about 8 years ago. Myself and my cousin moved in a shared house together. My cousin was a real dog person and I am a real cat person. so. Compromised and got a chinchilla and a guiny pig instead. But....when we moved in nearby a little cat was born and lived on the street, very thin, bold spots,wild and scared.of course my cousin didn't want to take her in, but then she herself had babies in our shed...to make a long story short, she now also is a real catperson.pookie,the stray cat is now healthy, calm and happy. One of the babies that survived (they were very weak when found them and pookie didn't want them,she was so thing that the babies would have 'eaten' her when she would have to feed them herself). Garfield, the babie that survived has swept my cousin ofher feet.he was soooooo sweet and cute and was always following her around. After a few ears garfied turned out to have epileptic seagures, a result of the oxygin problem in hos brain at birth. After 8 years sadly enough he died because of a very heavy seagure that resulted in a heart problem.

After only a few months e (especially me) realised that we missed something in the house.the precence of a mail cat. I love pookie,but mail cats are so different. Also pookie was used to having a companion, especially since we both work. I would like to have a cat that I picked out myself because all my life we always had cats that picked our house (stray cats) and never had the chance to choose one. I would really like a cat with semi long hair and that was calm of caracter because we wanted him to stay inside (the house is bog enough for that).

Eventually my cousin promised me a cat for my birthday, so we searched for maine coon, because they would have a calm caracter, got big and furry. But they are so expensive, we made the choise to get a cheaper cat and spend the rest of the money on the cats. We found a cat in the animal shelter which was(probably) partly main coon. At the last moment he got verry sick and couldn't be adopted.
After that we found a main coon 'breeder'(?don't know whta it's called in english). They had a mix up because the maine coon cat fancied the housecat....
Of course the one cat we choose is short haired, very busy and enourmously long and thin. WE LOVE HIM!!!! He's called Loki, is now one year old and still behaves as a very small kitten.this leads beacuse of hissize to. Extremely funny situations. Pookie is, used to him and to our surprise they became very good friends when we moved and she could shelter with him.

Some people say that loki is shorthaired because he stays inside (he does have a big collar).anyone have any experience with that??

hedgy hedgy
36-40, F
Jan 15, 2013