I Love To Make A Girl Hold Her Morning Pee All Day Long!

First of all sorry for my bad english - i´ll try me best. I did and i to love very slim bodys from girls or boys very much.I love both because i am bi.Nothing arouse me more then a slender girl or boy who needs to pee very bad and is forced to hold it for extrem long.Nothing makes me more horny then a slim(thin) waist - swollen from a total overfilled bladder. Many times i did plan situations where girls or boys could not pee for a very long time.When i was young i lived by my parents, thei had a flat in the city and a hous at the country, so i had always the possibillity to spend a night with anyone.Once thei made a renovation in the flat, thei made somethings new.It did take a long time but it was no problem because we lived to that time in our hous. All the time we did not have a loo in that flat. For me and my habit was this a tream. I did invite a thin young girl to spend the night with me in that flat without a loo. It was not one of my girlfriends it was just a girl for sex and a girl for my habit - make her wait and torture her bladder.We went early at the evening for a dinner and there i told her that we dont have a loo at home, if she need to go she should go now.She did thank for the information and went to the loo, then after dinner we went to the cinema and then home. No pee for the girl - i did **** in the hand basin, she did not see it.Bad or? Next morning-no morning pee. I did want to make her wait so long as any possibile, but how.I had the idea to make a boat trip with a rowing boat on a little lake.We arrived at the place where we could rent a boat and there we could eate a little brakfast.Coffee is good for a full bladder.I did know this place and i did know there was no loo all a round.Befor we went to the boat she aske me for a loo and i told her that there is no loo.She sayed"no problem, i hold it".I loved to hear this words, 2 hours on a lake and no loo for her.She did not talke about it all the time.We did return at about 12 and we did eat and DRINK anything at the same place where we had our brakfast. No loo.I did take a blanket from my car and we went at the wood near the lake.We layed, kissed and something more, but not real sex. She layed on her back and i beside her, i did but my thight on her lower abdomen and pressed with my knee on her bladder."To you want to make me wet, i **** at my panty when you press on my full bladder" she sayed. I had lost my words at this moment and so she asked "to you like to tease me, first you dont let me go to the loo and then you rubb and press my bladder, are you one of the boys who gets turned on when we girls have to hold a bursting bladder.Then i did not think, i did just speak and sayed " yes i love that! Only to think about that you did not have a ****, for more then 20 hours makes me realy horny.How much longer can you hold it, i asked.I dont know - she said, i did not know that i can hold it that long, when i tell this my girlfriend, she wont belive it.I was soooo horny, i did not want to let her go, she should hold it and hold it and then i said "let us go home again". She asked me if i was crazy, she can not go there and she needs to go realy urgently and painfully now."We could to some other things then just ****, things that makes more fun and after that we can go anywhere where you can go"i saied.It was 22 hours since her last pee, i could feel with my hand the tummy of this thin girl, it was rock hard and her bladder was bulging out, i pressed soft on it and she liked it, her bursting bladder made us both horny and so she did argee to come with me - but this is another story.
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I would love to have been the girl that you made hold her pee all day!

Would you like to be made hold it all day? What is the longest you ever did hold? Would you like it when i press on your overfilled bulging Bladder? Do you like when your bladder hurts from holding?

Would you like to do this online with me? Would you like hold your pee all day?

How long can you hold it if you have to? Do you like to hold a bursting full bladder? I like that.

I'll do I with u ;)

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