I Love To Make A Girl Wait To Pee - To See How Long She Can Hold It !

I was always turned on when a girl said that she need to pee and then she did not go for hours. I loved and i love to make girls hold and suffer. I had many experience and i remeber on special.There was a young, slim girl, not a girl for my heart, it was a girl for my ****.She was a little bit sluty,she did look so and she did speak so, but she had a great, very slim body and a lage bladder. One weekend she wanted to stay overnight at my home. We met early in the afternoon, went to a shoppingmal, at evening to a reteraunt and then to a cinema.It was late as we did arive at my hous.She did not **** all the time where we was together, not even one time. I loved it to know that her bladder had must be full.It was late so we went to bed. I did not **** her because i wanted to stay horny. I would not take the risk to have mercy with her after i ***. We layed in my bed - nacked and she did not say anything about a loo. She did not have a **** since 11 hours or longer and she did drink a lot. I think she wanted the feeling of her full bladder and she wanted to get ****** with her bladder that full - but i did not **** her and so she was a little bit disappoint about it.5 minutes after i switched out the light, she wanted to get out of the bed, easy to know where she wanted to go, but i did not let her, i did take her hand, pulled her back and saied"Hold it in, you can go tomorrow. She did not say anything and did stay in the bed.I hade my hand around her waist and we sleeped well till nex morning. At about 8 am she stated the same action, she wanted to slip out of the bed, i pulled her back and said "hold it".Then she said " Do you think i have the bladder from a cow, my last **** was yesterday 11 am and now i have to go like crazy". I was so horny and so i said"I love it when you girls hold it that long, when your bladder go`s up to your navel, when you have jello eys from holding it sooo long - come let me feel how full you are".I layed my hand on her abdomen and i could feel how stretched and swollen it was from her overfilled bladder.How much does she hold in there, i thoght by myself and started to press and push on it and she did let me do it, she just said"If you press to strong, i wet your bed. I rubbed hart and pressed harter and harter, i thoght how much must it hurt her, how painfull must it be to need so bad, to feel this pressure, but i thoght and i think she loved it to get tortured.After a longe bladder torture i stated to **** her on her bladder full from 22 hours,i pressed with my **** from inside on her bursting bladder and with my hand from outside, she was nearly crazy from the pain to **** and from the lust.When i pressed very strong with my hand on her bladderbulge, i could feel how she tensed and griped her **** around my ****.After we both did ***, she went bent over to the loo and pissed with highpressure for ever.She came back in my bed and said"My bladder still hurts like hell, but this was my geatest **** ever". Why is it soo horny to make a girl hold her bursting bladder for hours, for a day, for longer ?Why is it sooo horny to **** a bursting girl?
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Would you like to make hold it - would you like to get fu..... on your overfilled bladder - would you like if your hurting bladder get`s tortured?

Can I have the same?

Yes I would

Will you do that to me?

Don't ask for reasons! Just enjoy it all, lucky guy!