Desperate Drive.

A couple weeks ago, me and my bf jon werre going to visit his parents, about 2 hours away. We'd slept late that morning, and in the hurry to get going, i'd forgot to pee. it'd been about 12 hours that i realized it, after i'd already drank a cup & a half of coffee. we still had about an hour left, and i was finding it hard to focus on anything but my bladder, which was quickly filling even more from the coffee. I asked my boyfriend how far we it was until a rest are, but he replied that he didn't know. i sighed and pressed my legs together tightly, hoping i would be able to wait. I didn't know it at the time, but Jon was hoping for exactly the opposite. A few minutes after my quesion, he asked me how i was doing, and i told him i didn't think i could hold it much longer. i was having trouble sitting still now, and felt like i was going to lose it any minute, even i was rocking back and forth against my foot that was pressed up against my pee hole. 'well, do you want me to pull over?' he asked, seeming distracted. '' i said, unable to bring myself to pee beside a busy highway. 'just hurry and try to find a gas station or something.' we drove along in silence for about five more minutes, which seemed like hours to me as my bladder felt like it was goign to explode. all the sudden i felt a little bit of it leak out. ' oh god noooo..' i moaned, trying my best to hold it a few more minutes. jon quickly pulled off the road, but instead of letting me out to pee like i thought he would, he just unbuckled my seat belt and pulled me over closer to him. 'oh god stop jon, im going to **** myself' i begged, trying to get out. but instead of letting me go, he pulled me onto his lap, and pressed hard against my bladder. i moaned as the **** starting rushing out of me, running through my shorts and onto his lap. at first, i tried to stop it, but then i realized how good it felt and just peed as hard as i could while jon kissed me. i'm not going to tell you how the rest of the day went, but lets just say we didn't make it to his parents until very late that afternoon.

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im so jealous of him

Sounds hot! I'd love to do this with a girl

What a lucky man you have. He should treat you right.

Jon is a very lucky guy.

So so erotic - wow - I would love u to do that to me- so awesome
Thank you sweetie for posting


Mark xx

Delicious! Lucky guy, hehe.

A great story. I bet you do it more often now.

That is a vary nice story. But please don't leave us hanging. Please do tell us the rest of the story.

thanks for all the comments.

That is awesome. thanks for sharing.

I tried doing that a few times... all I got was a grouchy girlfriend. Of course, at that point, I hadn't told her that's what I wanted from her. Once I did, she still didn't really understand. But, she's come a long way in the intervening years, and we've had quite a few wet adventures.

yes i am alot like him , i am glad you enjoyed it .if you want to chat about desperation message me i have wrote a few stories about desperation so for the folfs that like both kinds of desperation and accidents . tell me what you think . i would like it for me to be the one in the car like you were .