Dressing Her Up

Lately, I've discovered a new interest in makeup and clothes. But they aren't for me, they're for my gf. I guess it's not uncommon for a bf to have a say in what his gf wears when they go out. But, I've started to pick her entire outfit from top to bottom. I brush her hair so it's how I like it. Then, I do her makeup for her. This last part was a bit of an accident, not anything I planned out to do far in advance or had any fantasies about or anything like that. One time, she's in the store with me and picks out her makeup items while I'm there. I start asking questions about what is for what purpose and she explains. When we get back to our room, she starts to put it on, but I stay close by with some new curiosity. Next thing I know, I'm actually putting her lipstick on her. Then I draw her eyeliner and do her eye shadow. I didn't know what I was doing, needed a lot of guidance and advice, and doubt I did a great job. But it was lots of fun, very intimate, and very sexy. I also picked her clothes and helped her get dressed. She was stunning. I do hope she felt every bit as gorgeous as I thought she was. :) I'm a lucky man.
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Daddy did a great job and I felt beautiful :) I like this new found interest in what I am wearing including the hair and make up.

Calm down buddy. =) Although it is nice to dress for your man and please him, I hope you're not taking it to the extreme...!?? I hope she still does stuff the way she likes it too. P.S.. You might be a fashionista in disguise! hehe JK

Definitely not a fashionista as I barely have any concept of matching colors. Lol. And (I guess I should have mentioned this as it is a key detail), we have a Ds relationship - part of the BDSM lifestyle - and she's very attentive to please me. But, I'm very aware of her likes/preferences and try to make sure I don't take liberties she does not enjoy, especially in this area where I have so little experience. My post was more along the lines of the intimacy that be there when a man takes a hands-on approach to her preparations. Definitely not the thing to do when you've got somewhere to be immediately, but definitely very romantic.

I getcha now. No harm in that. To each their own. Enjoy life =)