Shirley Is Not Ready Until The Makeup Is Done...

When I dress, I have to do my makeup.  I am just not complete untill I do.

When I first started dressing, it would be when the wife would be gone for awhile.  I would dress in the basement and never leave the basement.  Makeup was out of the question because I was afraid I would leave some when taking it off.  As years went by, and after I had a professional makeover, I started wearing makeup.  Those early years were terrible.  I didn't have the right shades and my application techniques were awful.  A clown looked better, but, at least I had makeup on.

After I told my wife of my dressing, I was able to get the right makeup.  We had a Mary K rep in our group and she set me up with everything for my skin color.  I love my Mary K.

Now with my Mary K and the help of my wife, I started learning how to apply makeup.  I learned the secret to foundation was blend, blend, blend.  After I put a base primer on my face, then concealer which has to be spread thin and smooth, I dab on foundation.  I then use my fingers and work it around my hairline and all around my face until it is smooth and looks like one continuous color instead of blotches of color.  I let that alone for 5 or 10 minutes and let it dry then I powder my face and neck.

When I started wearing makeup when my wife was with me, she would always do my eyes and finish me off.  But now I have learned that too.  When I started wearing eye makeup, I went for the blues, but now I also have violet and brown and smoky in my bag.  I do my makeup a little different than others. When I start my eyes, I first put on a coat of mascara and let it dry.  That lets me see my lashes better and makes them stand out.  After a couple of minutes of drying, I put on my eyeliner then the first color on my lids, and then the second color and sometimes (not always the third color, I do not use the little sponge that comes with eye shadow.  I bought a long-handle brush and it gives me better control. After all colors are done, I take a larger brush and blend my eyes so they just go from one color to the next instead of having a start and stop point.  (a trick my wife taught me)  I then put on another coat of mascara and do my eyebrows.  My eyebrows are waxed into a clean look by my wife every 3 or 4 weeks.  Then I put on my blush and again I have better control using my fingers to get it exactly where I want it.  I then take a blush brush and blend it so there are no rough edges and then I get my big brush out and powder my face, neck and chest area one more time.  This time I powder everything.  I start at my forehead and I brush down into my eyes around my nose and all th way back to my ears.  After all that is done I put on my lipstick and lip gloss, pack all the necessary items in my purse and Shirley is done.  Almost forgot...perfume.  My wife got me a scent that I just love.

Through the time that Shirley is out I will check my makeup a lot.  When I go to the ladies room or finish a meal, I check my face for shine and powder if necessary and re apply lipstick and lip gloss.  Sometimes I will do another coat or two of mascara if i think I need it.  I don't carry perfume as I haven't found a travel size of the scent my wife gave me.  If I could find a travel size I would do a couple of squirts.

The only problem with dressing up, doing my make-up and going out is that it seems to end all too soon.  And, I hate taking it all off.  Not the physical part of it but the emptiness I feel without make-up.

I do wear light make-up when I go to work.  From being out in the sun and having sun glasses on I had white rings around my eyes.  I took a light coat of foundation and mixed it with moisturizer and toned down those white rings.  A very light coat of powder to set the foundation and no one is the wiser. A blemish free smooth face.

So, girls try your makeup but do a lot of practice and it will come together for you.  I have and I love the results.
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