Make Up Lurve.....

 I love make-up....been using it since I was just in double figures! It's a chance to make the most of ourselves, to create our vision of ourselves. I must say that my makeup hasn't really changed since I was a teenager, I'm 40 now, and I think that it still suites me. The day will come when I make that break and just do something different with different colours and styles....till then, I stay as I am!

I wear make-up daily. As a matter of fact the only time that I don't is when I'm involved in exercise. Everything else? Oh for sure! Speaking of the exercise thing, I regularly do 10k runs - daily - and I pass a couple of girls, running also, that are fully made up. Now.....what's the point of that? Vanity gone mad!

Having said that, even when I'm ill I put on some slap..... kiss 

Sammy Jo Duponte xx


  Sammy Jo Duponte x 

SamanthaTheStreetwalker SamanthaTheStreetwalker
46-50, F
Oct 31, 2010