My Usual Make Up... :)

I don't wear tooo much make up compared to some people you see! For work or for a normal day day, I start off with benefit's boing under my eyes then I use liquid foundation over the top. For my eyes, just a thin black line of liquid eyeliner on my eyelids, mascara (usually benefit or maybelline, I find they're the best) and some barry M black pencil eyeliner. I usually fill my eyebrows in a bit and sometimes I put blusher on, but I always use face powder with that so it doesn't look TOO obvious and over done.

For a night out, I ALWAYS use Barry M black eyedshadow, because it stays where it's supposed to and doesn't fade! Usually I'll use a glittery grey eyeshadow and blend the two together! I use black liquid eyeliner to outline my eyes, drawing points in the corners of my eyes if you get what I mean! My face I usually do exactly the same as the day routine.

I always experiment with make up and lately I'm using white eyeliner in the corners of my eyes and blending it in, it's quite good! Makes my eyes look wider and stuff :) I truly love make up :D
sizeisnothing sizeisnothing
18-21, F
May 11, 2012