I Have Gone From Very Low/no Maintenance To High Maintenance Since Turning 40 And Love It

I never knew how to do my own nails or ask for a brow wax and now I do both. I read the book How Not To Look Old and it really made me wake up about taking care of my looks. I feel it’s a fight and I don't want to give up yet...Make up is a huge contributor to looking better and if I do go out without any on I feel horrible like an unwanted looser. Saying that here makes me wonder about my new found values - why would wearing or not wearing make-up make me more or less worthwhile as a person? Do I imagine that the people with whom I engage want to ignore me if I have just rolled out of bed and into baggy jeans and an old ill fitting sweater?
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41-45, F
1 Response May 22, 2012

YouTube Alexa prisco's makeup tutorials, they will show how to do makeup what u need and she is flawless....<br />
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You should be comfortable and love u the way u r. If u like baggy jeans and sweater...FLAUNT IT