Bb Cream?

I usually just use tinted moisturiser for my face, but after reading all the hype about BB Cream I just ordered some. What are your experiences with it? Does it give a natural look andcan it replace concealers?
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3 Responses Nov 27, 2012

Yes bb cream gives a natural finish, just complete the look by going over with translucent loose powder !

The garnier BB cream is greasy.... I used to use it as my foundation and used a powder on top. I get better coverage from normal foundation compared to BB cream

I am interested in the answers you get here!

I was just told about BB cream by a friend and she literally swears by it!

She in her early 50s and absolutely loves it. She wears it alone on 'stay home days" or "run to the corner grocery" . She said it evens out her complexion well enough to go out in public and look decent. I saw her the other day and she looked fantastic with only BB cream on.

She told me you can get it at Walmart that is produced by many companies. I would be interested in who has used it and whom it was made by.

Hopefully someone will answer!

I believe she said Garnier. I dont remember.

I havent used BB cream either, tho I keep saying I will. I did find an amazing Primer that made me look like I had airbrushed make up on.

HD Microperfecting Primer