I want to be a makeup artist but when I mention it people look down on me. I want to do horror makeup for movies. (The cover image is me)
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Sooo cool

Don't listen to what they say! If it's what you love then thats what should keep your head high!

this your life make the best out it:))!!! who cares about other people? it's your happiness not theirs:)) good luck

That looks VERY good. Like thats insane good

They probably look down on you because it isnt the "typical" jobs people shoot for. Like dancers and graphic designers are looked down on because their career dream is more risky and less typical than being a doctor, vet, lawyer, teacher, or whatever. I bet those people feel silly when the dancer performs with Usher or the makeup artist does Ellen Degeneres's makeup after looking down on them.

Always have a plan B and do good in school just in case being a horror movie makeup artist doesnt work out completely for you. Also, there is no reason that you cant be a makeup artist and have a typical college education job.


cool :o