Creative Process

 I am an i am artistic with alot of things i do. I love that doing makeup is like art...i apply my foundation and i lok at my ready canvas. I dont use alot of super good name brands but mostly i use Medusas make up...its the BOMB. They have the brightest colors ever and they are really cheap like only 6 dollars. Just beautiful. I love to do bright colors and it look very professional. I dont think i wear too much make up because i try to make it look professional and smooth not chalked on and tacky. Well sometimes i go tacky, but mostly when i know i dont have to go anywhere. I always love to have bright colors on...i really like bright colors. I just love that i can do art on my face every day. I get soooo excited to do it. Well thats all im kinda rambling now...but i prolly could go on forever.

Biglady18 Biglady18
18-21, F
1 Response Mar 21, 2009

Ha! ha! I know what you mean! I get excited too, just putting it on, is so much fun!