For The Love Of Art.

It's true, Makeup is an art. Addiction is an understatement for me. I get high off of the words people say when they say "oh wow, how'd you get your eyeshadow to do that?" and "Your eyes are so pretty." I'm not an attention *****, I just present myself on a pedistole. I love everything about it, and I pitty the people (especially girls) Whom don't get to experience what I get to do every morning. It's like painting a masterpeice on a blank canvas every day and wearing it on your head for the world to see. It's a relaxing, Zen state of mind. It's like Yoga. I don't have a lot of money to spare on my makeup, but when i do, I only buy the good stuff. Drugstore crap just doesnt cut it for me (disclaimer, there are plenty of quality drugstore products, however, I prefer much more of the professional quality stuff), my face is beautiful, and it deserves the best, so do all of your faces. I take care of my beauty, I don't just rely on makeup to do it for me. I eat right, and take vitamins, and follow a strict [as strict can be] face routine, and it pays off. I've done my research and learned so many things, I don't have the BEST tools, But i will, and I can still complete stunning looks with just a blending brush and an eyeshadow. I consider myself an artist. I create, and recreate looks. I look up to so many cosmetic people. I love it.

I live in a small town, though, and I've tried finding people whom share the same kind of love for it as I do. I'm not judging them, but the ones whom claim to be "beauty addicts" as much as me, just buy bright colored covergirl eyeshadows. I freak out when people don't know what eyeshadow primer is. My friends want me to do their makeup, and i am RAMBLING!! Im sorry, I'm just obsessed. It's refreshing to have people whom love their make up as much as I do.

PLEASE email me, and we'll talk beauty. 

Crazybunnygirl Crazybunnygirl
2 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I totally agree :p It's annoying sometimes, but it's probably just cuz i'm obsessive like that xD I mean, if it looks good, then whatever you want, but some people just wear it to cover, not to enhance.

I agree it is a art but some poeple paint the same picture all the time