Making His Pleasure My Own

It is true, I have submissive tendencies . . . but sometimes, even as a submissive, you maintain that element of control . . . you control how you please the other person . . . and I love being the reason a man **** :) 

The low growl in the back of his throat as I lick his stiff ****, and take it all the way into my throat . . . mmmm . . . knowing it is I, making him feel that intense pleasure . . . hearing his sighs of contentment mixed with his quickening breath as his desire burns hotter . . . bringing him out of my tender mouth and guiding him into my deliciously wet slit, giving him the control but squeezing my pelvic muscles in time with his thrusts . . . knowing his gasps for air, his low moans, are my quiet control over his pleasure, as he controls mine . . . I love to be taken, to be ravished, and know that he can't help but be in the moment with me, enjoying my body, feeling powerful as I scream out his name in ecstasy . . . pleasing him . . .
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great story ,, well done ! !

I feel same way!!… OMG you are in my head. Luv you sis!...

That was an extremely sexual and tantalizing description. You made my blood start to flow. Are you always this erotic?

Mmm nice work

Blimey theres not many stories that get me like that!! As someone else won't be on your own for long. I need to go take a shower. Thanx

You man is truly blessed!

Sigh, if only I had a man . . .

A Knock Out like you? Without a man? Damn! That's hard to believe.
That won't last long.

Thanks sweetie ;)

You're very welcome, my foxy lady. Wish I could find a knock out like you.

A lucky guy for sure.

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That sounds so sexy.

Your passion and desire are clear. A remarkable woman.

i must say reading your story and after reading it my **** had grew rock hard,and now i wish i had someone like you to take care of it for me.nice story,please keep me posted on all your stories.

Oh don't stop more more more Thanks for the story..

Tell me more
That's so exciting its HARD... not to want to hear more

Sing it, sister! :)

cool to add u to my circle of friends

so hot and nice ...very very erotic ....thanks very much

Wow!... You not only have captured what a woman can do to a guy, you've got my mind spinning just reading it, as I can picture reacting just as you have described. You should write erotica, dear lady, because you'd be excellent at it. But you left out kissing, licking and then tea-bagging his balls. Nothing sends me over the top and completes the feeling of being conquered by a woman more than that.
And you are so right... " even as a submissive, you maintain that element of control . . . " The minute a man's penis begins to grow and swell over you girls, we surrender all control to you.

Wow that is some hot reading while at work ;)

Ohhhh, how I'd LOVE to please YOU too, make you ****** over and over suckling your wonderful breasts, but also licking your wet ***** lips and sucking your hard **** till you ****** and then continue to make you ****** over and over. I'd LOVE to respond you giving me all that pleasure in making you ****** over and over ! Thank you so much for all that pleasure !

You had me going good. Maybe you good be the dominate one.

You need a Dom.

Such a wonderful expression of your sensual and erotic thoughts. Pleasing him also pleases you in return. I'm sure he would be happy to return the favor.

Knowing he would want to return the favor pleases me as well, sexy wolf . . . ;)

I agree ! As a woman , you have total contol and power of us men sexually ! i love the way you describe how your man moans as you suck him and take him all the way in your throat ! mmmmmmmm Damn hot and sexy you are babe !

The submissive is the one with the true power in the relationship, for as they give themselves they can also take away.