Ultimate Joy

It's not a consolation, it's a celebration. 

It's a joy to make something, almost anything, if it's intention is to be a thing of beauty. 


I practice it since my childhood.  Several times it saved my life.  When I was 14 I won a national painting contest for kids.  At that moment my school results were catastrophic, but having won the contest there was no need to go to art school.  I finished humanities and went to the university.  That was a defining decision.  Later, when I was broke and almost desperate, it was my last refuge.  At last I got a job and became, next to that, an unofficial artist. 

I don't feel the pressing need for recognition and express myself in absolute freedom.  That way I follow my path without avoidable restrictions.

For me, the joy of creation is a mighty fulfillment and surpasses any other pleasure.

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56-60, M
Feb 28, 2010