It's So Good!i Can Do I

I can do it all by hand, but I usually use my bread machine for the dough cycle then finish the rest in the oven.

My specialty is a cheese bread with onions and peppers. Usually I use Cheddar but Pepper Jack can give it a nice kick!

Lampwick Lampwick
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18 Responses Mar 10, 2009

one of those elusive woodland tigers you're intent on catching. i hear they love bread and cheesecake. this would be perfect bait for your trap lol

Birthday? Who's having a Birthday?

i'm still waiting on the bread and your famous cheesecake. they would make nice b-day presents lol

It's making me hungry too, Flourlady.

lol. i'm getting hungry too, flourlady. i could use a good piece. of bread, that is. as a matter of fact, my kitchen table is pretty strong. guess you'd need a strong one to sit all of that bread on, huh?

I can be good in any room you choose. Do you have a nice strong kitchen table?

this is making me hungry

i always wanted a man who was good in the kitchen lol

The best. I'll make sure you get plenty of something good to eat.

and you're a good cook, right?

Well, a good cook always preheats his oven to just the right temperature. Putting your loaf in a cold oven will get you terrible results. So yes. A hot moist heat will always be best.

LOL! does the oven have to be set at a certain temperature? i imagine it would have to be fairly hot.

Yep. And when it's risen nice you can pop it in your oven!

hmm. been a while since i did that too but i remember it being fun.

You'll probably have to knead it for a while first.

i'd be interested in seeing that. i haven't seen it rise for some time now.

We'll have to get together in the kitchen sometime. I'll show you how to make it rise.....

that sounds good. bread is one of my biggest downfalls, unfortunately.