It isn't something daily, it's no routine, but once in a while I want it to last forever.

I'm a slow lover.  The pleasure of my partner has always been foremost on my mind for a very selfish reason.  The dirtier she gets, the more aroused I am.  I like to build it up from zero to 100.  Gradually, in stages, delaying my climax.  I don't want an ****** here and now.  Never.  Though one may recover from it and start allover, to ********* is to loose.  For one tiny moment I loose my senses, immediately afterwards I crash.  My feet back on the concrete.  The world is there again in all its naked realism.  No beauty can blind me.  Fulfilment is the moment before.

To be horny is to remain in an unworldly state of mind.  Maybe I just always loved to escape from reality.  That's also why I love books, art and knowledge.

When my partner is horny too, and especially when the invitation to explore her is teasing and triggers my imagination, it's hard to cancel the game. 

Ever since the first time there were occasions when it lasted for hours.

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7 Responses Mar 15, 2010

I feel like I have to justify something I can't justify. I think ANEWME says it well.

So true, Annalea... I share your sentiments... that's why I pouted...<br />
<br />
I just hang on to the "happily ever after" notion... this coming from a wistful faery...

That comment saddens me. Perhaps I am too young to understand the complexity of relationships and how they eventually "dry up"... For my own pleasure I will keep believing that I will be able to find a lover who will love me for hours on end for years upon years. (a little naivety never hurt anyone... did it?)

Making love for hours at end is amazng--staying connected--being with your partner--it's the best.

Only when the partner is new???<br />
<br />
*Sylph is pouting now*

that's also why it can last. It only does however when the partner is new...

Hmm........"a game... lasting for hours... where fulfillment is the moment before..."...<br />
<br />
*Sylph is just smiling*