Showers of Love.

I havent made love in the rain - but I have had some steamy make out sessions in summer downpours.  There is something about the water kissing your skin and the sound of the drops in the trees that is so sensual.  There is also the added passion of wanting him so bad that I cant wait till we are inside the house - that I have to kiss him, good and long, right now, even though its raining.

And then you can run inside, shedding damp clothes as you go, jump between the sheets and cuddle close to warm up again :)  I like that bit too.

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9 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Damn, I wish it would rain now!! LOL<br />
Nothing like a good rainshower pouring down to make you feel sultry and seductive! Awww :)

Thanks Sugar - isnt sumptuous a delightful word? :)<br />
<br />
And you put it so well Winter - the dripping, clinging, steaming! Delish!

Isn't that the best?! <br />
Water dripping, clothes clinging, and bodies steaming!<br />
<br />
I absolutely Love the rain!! How sensual, how erotic, and how natural.....*sigh*

Damn girl! That was pure poetry... Great story!<br />
And I agree with you whole heartedly. There is just something so exciting and joyful and sumptuous about kissing in the rain. And of course the sharing of warmth once indoors... ;)

That sounds good Jo - sheltered from the storm, but enjoying all the benefits - and then some! ;)

Or making love on the porch in a thunderstorm! :-)

Ahahahaha LOL nice one!

I almost got the chance in NY, but it just decided to freeze my nips off without raining. :P

:D Glad to hear it :D