Last Night

As I went to the bedroom, I noted the lights were down low, the radio was playing love songs, very quietly.

I went to tuck her into bed, and I noted all she was wearing, was a little white cami-top, and a set of her small black, nearly- transparent panties.
Her hand was already inside them,pleasuring herself.
She continued to play, whilst I got myself into bed.

I lay on my back, next to her.
She turned a little, shifting her legs over mine, as she got near to her pleasing moment.

I felt her legs start to stiffen, and her finger moved faster.
She moaned quite loudly.

And she ***, very noisily.

She turned around, taking my erect member in her mouth.
Whilst I returned the favor to her aching wetness

She took me completely in her mouth, as I felt her juices running down my face.

She *** over and over as I tongued her.

She could sense I couldn't take a lot more, so again, she turned around, lay down with her back to me, and I entered her from behind.

She gasped.

I pushed my hardness into her welcoming wetness.

And pure pleasure

I pumped harder and harder.

She couldn't stop *******.

She pulled herself away
Pushed me onto my back, and sat on top of me, kissing me gently
I hurriedly pushed my very swollen member up inside.
I love it when she rides me like this

She goes faster and faster

She can't stop cummin

Over and over

Harder an harder


She whispers gently to me
"I want you to ***.....NOW"

Her hotness, and wetness is too much for me

She knows I'm really near now.

She grinds her hips against me
I pull her towards me as hard as I can
Holding, and pushing, and grinding

I can't take it any more

I explode my seed deep inside her.

As she **** some more
And again
And again.

We both lie there, exhausted and sweaty, and panting for breath

I peek at the clock
It's nearly 2am

I love when my wife and I make quick, furious love

The alarm goes off at 06:30

We do it again
And now she's a bit late for work

Oops - my fault that time!!

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Mark xx
expressomarkie expressomarkie
Dec 3, 2012