She's The Best Ever!

From the time we got together back in 1991 while our divorces were getting finalized, sex has been great. No, we didn't divorce our exes to be together - it was just a timing thing!  I had had some really good sex with several women prior to that, including a fling with a woman 20 years my junior.  Each woman had her own intricacies and minor differences in sexual preferences, but the main thing was simply getting our innies and outies together to feel good!

Sex with the woman who was to become my next (and final) wife was hotter than I had had before in many ways.  But, it was just that - sex - nothing but sex - we weren't looking for new spouses, just **** buddies!  And, we did plenty of that!  Each of us enjoyed a LOT of oral sex, then we would end a session ******* in several positions.  We finally migrated to an apartment as our divorces finalized and we began to go out in public more, even to company functions.  Although we had begun a relationship based only on sex and plenty of it, we found ourselves truly becoming best friends, too.  The hard ******* was evolving into love making, although we weren't really "in love" - yet.

We became inseparable to the point of buying a house together.  Fixing up the house was something we enjoyed together and our bond grew even tighter.  I do have to add that, at this point, we had talked about other people we had thought about having sex with and began to evolve that area of our relationship.  We weren't sure where the extra activity might lead but we were going to be open and honest about it.  We each had some extra fun; some of it solo; some together.  No matter what happened with other people, we always enjoyed ending the day making love with each other.  That process continues to this day.
SwGaMan SwGaMan
61-65, M
Sep 17, 2012