New Ball Gown = Hot Time Together

I am a very lucky man. I have a beautiful, tall, slim, and bountifully busted redhead for a wife.

She's 5'10", long legs (I tell her they go all the way to heaven!), long dark red hair, with a 38D to 40C bust. Even though she is in her late 50's, the curves and fullness overcome any sag with ripe beauty. And the best part is that she likes them played with at least as much as I like to enjoy them.

She does not show them off publicly very much, usually wearing moderate clothing. Recently I got her to wear a sexy bandana two-piece bathing suit. Normally she prefers a conservative one-piece.

Sometimes though, she surprises me. Like last night.

I came home from a meeting, and there was an empty overnight package on the breakfast bar. I asked what it was. She said it was a new ball gown, and she thought it was a bit low cut. Her friend just told her that I would like it. I said she should model it for me.

Well, not much more was said for a bit. We watched TV in the living room, caught the news, and then she announced it was time for bed. Suddenly, she said she would try on the new gown for me. She quickly went to the bedroom, and inexplicably closed the bedroom door, leaving me wondering in the living room.

My wife came out in a couple of minutes in the new ball gown. I stood up to look, and it took my breath away. It was really not that low cut. It was cut so that there was not too much covering her breasts - it was apparent there was no bra, and that even the underside was uncovered, disappearing in darkness. You could also see her delightful nipples poking through a bit. However, her nipples and areola were definitely covered and in no danger of exposure even when she bent over. I grew stiff immediately, and enjoyed the view as I carefully checked to make sure she did not show too much. She asked me some questions, but it was challenging to be able to answer. Distracted I most definitely was!

Looking her over I could see there were no panty lines. I just had to slide my hand along the curve of her hip to make sure.

We agreed that she would wear the gown this weekend, and I warned her about one thing ... she would get virtually raped when we get home. She giggled at that, and said, "especially if I forgo the panties, right"? With that, my wife turned toward the bedroom to go to bed.

I reached out for her, and asked if she would like me to undo her. She got quiet, and turned around. I zipped the zipper down with ease, and she shrugged her shoulders. The gown fell to the floor, leaving her gorgeous body completely naked, standing in our living room.

It was all I could do to keep from bending her over, dropping my pants, and taking her. That I held back from ... but I did wrap around her from behind, cup and caress the wonderful weight of her breasts, and turn her around to kiss her deeply and repeatedly. As I was deep kissing her my hands snaked down to her *****. She breathily said, "let's go to bed", at which point she walked to the bed, pulled the covers down, and waited for me.

I would like to say I was suave but instead I clumsily removed my shirt, shoes, jeans and socks. I went to her side of the bed, knelt down, and went for her ***** with my mouth.

I love her smell, her taste, and above all, the silkiness inside her. While I went down on her I reached down to grasp myself - fully hard and leaking. In just a few minutes I could no longer wait, and climbed on the bed, got between her legs, and mounted her. There was no need for extra lube - she was ready for me to go as deep as I could.

I started with regular strokes, exhilarating in the feel of being buried in my wife, joined intimately. We paced ourselves, and took our time. Gradually, after a few minutes, I began to do longer strokes ... deeper, and harder. I like to be on top, and brace her shoulders with my arms so when I go deep she does not move up too much. She was whimpering in pleasure. A little while later I began to speed up. I kept going, and soon felt my seed rising within me. Even more aggressively, I thrust and thrust, and told her I was about to come. I told her, I am going to "*** INSIDE you!" She cried out as I growled above her, thrusting, no, plunging, and pulsing out my jets of *****. Even after we peaked, I stay buried in her, and flexed my **** and ground in deeper. I wanted to make sure I gave her every drop.

I am looking forward to the weekend. If she has any panties on at the ball, they will be gone in the car on the ride home. Have to be careful not to damage the dress ....
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She sounds sexy, very sexy.

Very nice erotic story.

Hot lust inspiring story ! mmmm