I Was A Teenage Hooker

I became sexually aware at around the age of fifteen . Mom being a single parent and short of cash entertained quite a few “gentlemen friends” on a regular basis, some for an hour or so, some over night. Following her example I soon became sexually active .Once the word got round I was up for it I soon became very popular with the local boys ,Being naive and not thinking it could happen to me I fell pregnant .By who? I was not sure .I’d got a little drunk at a party and had a gang bang with five guys. Mom was not amused ,She paid for a termination. then she laid down the law about getting protection and safe sex, she knew, now I’d had a taste for it I was not going to stop, and as my reputation was already ruined. She told me. “ Stop giving it away and charge for it.”. That’s how at seventeen I got into the business. As I was too young to go to bars to pick up clients Mom spread the word among her regulars, now I was doing it with much more experienced older guys than before, one was even the parent of one of the boys I‘d had at gang bang with ,and me being young and fresh they paid extra. We made enough over the next year between us, to have a new car, money in the bank and to move to a better house in a better area where we were unknown, There we opened a ladies dress boutique ,we also had a dept where we sold sexy gear and adult toys ,I just loved checking out the new lines.
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Quite a story....