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If I Was There With You Right Now...

If I was there with you right would be all about you this evening.

I would be waiting for you at the door when you got home...probably wearing some sexy black thing...and a huge smile. I'd be smiling because I knew I was going to enjoy what would be coming next. I would then take you by the hand...and lead you into the bedroom. There...I would do all kinds of things to you...really nice things...that I'm sure you would really enjoy.

I would begin kissing you very softly on the lips...then I would gently caress your face. Next... I would slowly move down to your neck...and then to your ears. I would whisper all kinds of sweet things...really dirty things how I was going to love you really good...and how I was going to make you *** as many times as you wanted...all night long...if that's what you really wanted me to do.

I would continue my descent downward until I reached your nipples. I would gently lick your nipples...and tease them with my tongue. I would then start to nibbling each of them in turn...stopping only when I knew you could barely stand it any longer. Then I would proceed down to your stomach...and then to your ****. I can only imagine just how hard you would be by this time. I would then slowly wrap my hand around your ****...and I would feel just how hard and throbbing you were. I would really want to stop at this point...and take you inside me...but I would hold off...because I want to pleasure you first. I would then slowly use my tongue to trace all around your manhood...making sure I didn't miss a single spot. When I finished...I would take you into my mouth and begin sucking and licking slowly...increasing gradually as I felt your need begin to grow. I would then reach out and gently take your balls in my hand one at a time...slowly caressing...gently tugging...all the while continuing to suck your **** harder and faster...taking your whole length into my mouth...until you can no longer contain yourself...and you begin shooting your *** deep inside my welcoming mouth. I would then swallow every single drop...and be a bit sad when you're finished...because you taste just so yummy.

I would then cuddle up against you and fall sleep...but only until your **** was hard again. Then I would settle on top of your need...taking you deep inside me...and begin to ride you...slowly at first...rocking gently....moving my hips in a circular motion...until we both start to move a little more frantically. I would then begin grinding my **** into I continue to ride you hard. I would reach down and take my left breast into my hand...and gently raise it to my mouth...slowly licking my nipple as I watch you...watching me...and I would continue rocking back and forth...setting our pace for an explosive climax.

I would want to *** with I would wait. Your **** would be so big and hard by this time...and it would feel so wonderful and snug deep inside my warm and very wet *****. I would love the way it fills me up...makes me want to explode all over you...and I know there is only one thing running through my head at this particular moment...yes...yes...yessssssssssssss!

We would continue our dance...until we both came long and hard. Then we would sleep for a little while longer...before waking up and starting again.
KassieKat KassieKat 46-50, F 11 Responses Apr 23, 2011

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That is a super hot story. You are very talented. Wow I know it got me hot

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Whopper: Thanks for your very kind words. :)

i loved your story and stay sweet and sexy and you will find the MR Right and he will love you for the woman you are beautiful.:)

Darrenrmz: Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)<br />
<br />
Altere9: Good! Then I wrote it the right way...cuz that's what I wanted the reader to feel. Thanks for commenting. :)

Arthurca: Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)<br />
<br />
FrankFarmer: When I'm with the right partner...this most definitely happens...sometimes even when he doesn't think he's "up" for an all nighter. That's the fun part. Convincing him in a really delicious way...until there's no way he can say "Not tonight." :)<br />
<br />
Rock4570: Thanks! Me too! :)<br />
<br />
Nipplebandit: Isn't that just the best? Watching each other get off on each other. I adore doing that. :)<br />
<br />
Jbullet1: You're absolutely right...I do need more of these stories...but that's only cuz I love this kind of lovemaking so much! :)<br />
<br />
Californiarumrunner: Yes...I think there are a few people who appreciate me quite well...but nothing long-term yet. :)<br />
<br />
Thanks so much for all the lovely comments. I really do appreciate all your participation. :)

I hope someone appreciates you in your real life.

KK<br />
<br />
Great story hope it happens for you a lot more..

That is a wonderful story! It would be so much fun with a beautiful woman like you. Your comments make me believe this doesn't happen too often. That is too bad. Slow, sensual lovemaking should be the standard, not just once in a great while. Taking our time, making the fun last and continuing over and over is one of the great spices to life.

Rubicon421: I'm so glad you enjoyed my story. I had so many delicious images to think about while I was writing this story. And since the story was ba<x>sed on a true event that happened in my life...I had a lot of fun writing it...and reminiscing about it. )

CuriousHowie: Love making continuums are the best! Thanks so much for reading...and for commenting. :)

I have always liked love making continuums ... a burst of energy ... followed by rest ... energy ... rest ... too bad the duration of weekends can be limiting … guess that’s what vacations are for :)<br />
<br />
Great Story :)