So Do I, But It's Usually Just Sex

You can make love when you really know someone, but when you are just dating for a short while it's just sex. It's usualy good, the unknown part is fun, but sometimes I want it to be lasting, loving and deeper than just a quick one when we get the chance. maybe I'm strange.
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4 Responses Mar 14, 2007

There is an excitement of the first time...but then there is love making with someone you really care about and want to please. Your focus becomes the creative energy that comes from knowing and understanding. The intimacy of two willing people to share and love is to me the ultimate. It is so special to have ultimate trust, where nothing is strange or taboo, just the joy of sharing each others excitement!! You are just knowledgeable not weird..:) thanks for sharing!

I don't think that is strange at all. Quick ones are great, but there is something infinitely more emotionally satisfying about taking the time to really pleasure each other. Even in a long-term relationship, you can still do both.

Yes, sure u mean sex for sex, there is no love, no affection, no sharing interests, no sharing thoughts!<br />
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Anyway, it is difficult to find someone that fit oneself too much! lol!

no i dnt think u r strange.. at least i dnt find u strange... rather it's soo natural for me.. may b u r rite as it's strange for most of the folks.... it's so much to do a short term... the unknown factor makes me real excited... but long term as ward says i agree to hr partially ... you actually cant compare both... both r fun in their own terms