Love Making Love

Fingers mesmerizing cool and soft against skin
Tongues softly seeking whipping tasting lingering
Arms clutching holding wrapping enfolding yearning
Love making Love

Bodies yours to mine molding wanting
Caressing touching electrifying
Silken subtle gentle
Wild and wonderful
Feathered touch
Crushed rose petals

Breaths heavy hot hard
Molten Volcanic
Fiery delight

Essence of love
Unforgettable irresistible unimaginable

Lavender Chamomile Jasmine
Sweet sultry
Amazingly beautiful

Fantasy Dream Reality
Love making Love
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9 Responses Apr 29, 2012

Don't forget the beginning. In each others arms, you swaps some sweet soft kisses. In between, there might be some flirty talk and laughter. Another butterfly kiss,or five.. Each kiss leaving the one and only kiss sound, when your lips part at the precise moment.

beautifully written

Thank you

making love is like the second thing i like to do most :P
cool poem

Thank you

This is beautiful. You have a sensual soul.

Thank you

Makes me Hot....

Thank you

Beautiful :)

Thank you

wow, wow love it

Thank you

I would love to be your friend but cannot as you?

I loved it. Thanks for posting!

Your welcome